J. Ahnquist Design

Design Philosophy

Jenn Ahnquist firmly believes that anyone can have a beautiful, put-together, expensive looking home without breaking the bank. Her interior design background, creativity, and resourcefulness all allow Jenn to help clients get high design on any budget. Furniture layout, scale, and styling have a huge impact on the quality of a space and are virtually free!

Sustainability is an important aspect of current designs. Jenn will work in the confines of your space as much as possible to save money and materials. An avid furniture and decor thrifter, Jenn will help you find unique pieces for your home that aren’t mass produced. She can even guide you in updating pieces you already have to make them even more special.

Jenn doesn’t adhere to one particular style. By taking into consideration the style and age of your home, existing pieces you want to keep, and your personal tastes, Jenn will come up with a design that is a reflection of you and your surroundings. Often, she prefers to mix a variety of aesthetics together to provide a classic, timeless feel that is both comfortable and put together.

After listening to your wants and needs, Jenn will make sure you have a practical design plan that best fits your way of life. She knows that spaces should be both beautiful and functional, and will work with you to find the right balance in your home.

Let Jenn help you turn your house into a home you love.

Jenn Ahnquist also specializes in architectural renderings. These hand colored drawings are done with illustration markers on high quality marker paper. This medium is largely used in interior design and architectural firms to do conceptual drawings for clients. Jennifer learned this method of drawing while attending school for interior design. She took her knowledge of the subject and turned it into a business rendering friends and families homes. While family homes are still her most requested subject, she has drawn many other architectural buildings with sentimental value for customers. Churches, barns, even exotic honeymoon locations are just a few of the unique examples.

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