Rendering Rates

5″ by 7″ Rendering*- $80.00 +shipping and handling, Print** – $5.00

8″ by 10″ Rendering*- $135.00 +shipping and handling, Print** – $10.00

11″ by 17″ Rendering*- $190.00 +shipping and handling, Print** – $15.00

Digital Copy – $25.00 -You can purchase a digital copy (typically a TIFF or JPG format) ALONG WITH your paper drawing.

Gift Certificate – Drawing Price + 5.00 S+H

*This is the size of the drawing, the paper is slightly larger to leave a white border all around the drawing.

** You may purchase prints of your rendering for the listed prices. The quality of the printed image is excellent, but sometimes there is a slight color variation. These are also not printed on the marker paper, but high quality printer paper. This is the only way to receive multiples of your drawing.

Sometimes I have requests for Detail Renderings. These are specific details pulled out of the original drawing, for example: Mailboxes, Doors, Planters, etc. This must be purchased along with a regular sized rendering. Typically these are about 4″x5″ and cost 15$. Please send an email to me if you have further questions about these.


$50.00 Flat Rate for PDF File*

$20.00 for 8 Printed Notecards with Envelopes (Larger quantities can be purchased at a discounted rate.)

*You will receive, via email, a PDF file of your notecard along with printing instructions. These can be printed at home or at a professional printer. The cost includes file set up, picture adjustment/enhancement, return address/message on back of card, and rights to print. To be able to place a notecard order, you must have previously purchased a rendering or you must purchase a rendering at the time you purchase the notecard. (Unfortunately, anyone who has PREVIOUSLY purchased an 11×17 rendering will not be able to receive notecards as I did not previously scan that size.) Please see the How To Order page for more information.


On $80.00- $3.00

On $135.00- $3.50

On $190.00- $4.00

If the total of your order is greater than $190.00, I will calculate the insurance for you when you place your order.

By purchasing the insurance on your drawing or drawings, you are insuring the package with the United States Post Office. If the insured package is damaged or lost while in their care, a claim is filed with the USPS and you will be able to receive a replacement drawing at no cost to you. IF YOU DO NOT PURCHASE THE INSURANCE ON YOUR DRAWING, JENNIFER MARIE DESIGNS IS NOT LIABLE FOR ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS TO THE PACKAGE AFTER IT IS MAILED. This means if the drawing is damaged or lost, you will not receive a replacement drawing unless you pay for a new one.

Every drawing is carefully packaged between 2 pieces of foam core and placed in a bubble mailer with a “Do Not Bend” label.

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