My Favorite Painting Supplies

I’ve rounded up the items I keep on hand for my painting projects. All of the links are to Lowes, but you can find these items at a variety of places.

Paint Supplies
  1. Whizz Multi-Surface 6″ Microfiber Paint Kit It’s definitely not the most efficient way to paint a whole room- but this mini roller is so great for tight spots and small spaces! I feel like I have so much more control. It also doesn’t splatter as much as a larger roller, which is great!
  2. Valspar Wall and Trim 2″ Angle Brush This is the only paint brush I ever use! The short handle allows for more control and also makes it easy to cut in anywhere. The price is reasonable, so you don’t feel guilty when you wear it out and need a new one. I often buy a new one for a new paint job and use my older ones for primer or other things.
  3. SHUR-LINE Pour and Store Can Attachment Game Changer! It fits snugly on the top of a paint can and allows nearly mess free pouring. It provides a tight enough seal that you don’t ever have to put the original lid back on. I usually keep this on cans of paint that I need to access a lot- like trim paint.
  4. 3M High Strength All In One Small Hole Repair So easy to grab to quickly fill nail holes before you paint. The flat edge allows you to spread the spackle in the hole. And the lid has its own built in sander to get a smooth finish. Dries fast so you don’t waste time!
  5. Frog Tape This can be more expensive than other painters tape brands, but it is worth it. It is the only tape that I have consistently had good luck with. I don’t generally tape trim/moldings, I just use the brush listed above to cut in. However, in tight spaces where cutting in is difficult, tape is magic. It’s also perfect to use if you are painting something like stripes. There are different kinds you can buy depending on the application- like delicate or freshly painted surfaces- but, this particular one has worked for me for lots of projects.

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