About Jenn


Jenn is a 2009 graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she majored in Interior Design. After living in Nashville for a few years, she and her family moved back to her hometown of Danville, KY, where they currently live. She and her husband have 3 daughters, 2 dogs, and a house with a lot of potential!

As a work from home mom, Jenn does as much art and design as she can. Her current projects include the newly renovated CentreWorks space and the adorable and charming Plaid Elephant Books in downtown Danville. She has also helped many family and friends with smaller residential design projects.

For fun, Jenn teaches the occasional Starry Night Studio at the Art Center of the Bluegrass, where she served on the board for 6 years.

The architectural rendering business helps keep her in touch with her love of interior design, architecture, and architectural history. Jenn loves being able to provide original and meaningful art to her customers.


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